Body Worn Cameras

The Murrieta Police Department officially launched their Body Worn Camera (BWC) program in July of 2019.  This followed 2 years of trial and evaluations from multiple vendors.  Ultimately, it  was decided that Axon offered the combination of quality service, reliable equipment and useful features that would make this program a success.  As it stands today, every single Police Officer and Community Service Officer are issued their own camera and are required to wear them while on duty.

It is the policy of the Murrieta Police Department to use body worn camera technology to more effectively fulfill the department’s mission and to ensure these systems are used securely and efficiently.  In addition to policy, body worn cameras support the 21st century policing pillars of building trust and legitimacy with the public as well as using technology to assist in reducing crime.   

Body worn cameras accomplish several objectives, such as:

  • Allowing for additional documentation of police-public contacts, arrests, and critical incidents.
  • Serving as a means to enhance officer accountability.
  • Enhancing an agency's ability to review probable cause for an arrest; officer and suspect interaction; evidence for investigative and prosecutorial purposes; and to provide additional information for officer training.
  • Providing supplemental documentation of crime and accident scenes.

Additional information on our Body Worn Camera program can be found in Murrieta Police Department Policy 450.

View our policy manual