Meet the City Clerk

Cristal McDonaldCristal McDonald is the City Clerk of the City of Murrieta. As City Clerk, Cristal is responsible for planning and overseeing the direction of the City Clerk Department.

She has worked for the City of Murrieta since 2021. Prior to this, she previously worked as a Chief Deputy City Clerk with the City of Carson and as a Deputy City Clerk for the City of Newport Beach. Cristal has over 16 years of experience in local government, is a certified Municipal Clerk, and has achieved an associate degree in Political Science as well as a paralegal certification. 

Cristal’s goal for the Murrieta community is to ensure the dissemination of impartial information covering elections, legislation, and information governance. The Murrieta City Clerk Department is dedicated to serving the needs of all internal and external stakeholders within a framework of transparency, integrity, and accuracy.

Cristal and her husband, Matt, have been married for over 20 years. On weekends they enjoy spending time with their son, Charles, and two pups, Cam, and Macy.