Hillside Ordinance Updates

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In early 1998, the City implemented the current standards for Hillside Development in the Development Code. These standards have unique parameters for development within Hillside Areas. Other than some minor updates in 2003, the Hillside Development Standards have remained relatively unchanged since adoption.  https://codelibrary.amlegal.com/codes/murrieta/latest/murrieta_ca/0-0-0-25501 

Why are these changes needed?

The way that the Hillside Standards have been applied and how they have been interpreted has been inconsistent over time, staff has been directed to modify the criteria. This is necessary to make the standards easier to follow and for clarity as to where the standards would apply and how they would objectively apply without the need for interpretation. 

The Planning Commission directed staff at its January 25, 2023 Workshop Meeting Hillside Pic 1 Opens in new windowto host a Community Workshop for additional feedback/input.

Links for more information or reference:

Planning Commission Workshop Presentation - January 25, 2023 

Community Workshop Presentation - April 11, 2023

Proposed Hillside Overlay Map

Proposed Prominent Ridgelines Map

Specific Plans

Copper Canyon Specific Plan (PDF)

Copper Canyon Specific Plan Amendment Number 1 (PDF)

Greer Ranch Specific Plan (PDF)

Contact Information

For more information, the Staff Contact is: Senior Planner, Chris Tracy, Phone: (951) 461-6046, Email: [email protected]