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City Council Agendas and Minutes

Planning Commission Agendas & Minutes

Please visit Murrieta’s Vimeo channel for additional viewing options here (Link)

View Planning Commission Agendas here

City Commission Agendas & Minutes 

View agendas and minutes in the Agenda Center.

Virtual Meeting Participation Options

To improve security and accessibility, the City has upgraded its virtual public meetings to Zoom Webinar.

How to Join a Meeting:

  • Follow the Zoom Webinar link from the Agenda and enter your name and email. This takes you directly to the live meeting.
  • You will remain muted unless presenting or making a public comment.
  • During public comment periods, you can click the Raise Your Hand feature at the bottom of the screen or enter #9 on mobile. The City Clerk will unmute the speaker when it is time to comment.

Other ways to View and Participate in Virtual Public Meetings

Each Agenda includes detailed information on accessing virtual meetings. ( or click the Agenda button at the bottom of each page.