Self-Haul Trash Disposal Program

The City of Murrieta's municipal code governing solid waste management requires every owner or occupant of property within the city limits to regularly dispose of non-hazardous trash through legal means.

 Legal disposal is hauling trash to a county-operated landfill, a legitimate recycler, and/or a yard waste processing facility or dumping trash and recycling in commercial bins that you personally rent for your business.

Disposing of trash in another’s dumpster or container or in any area other than a legal landfill is illegal.

Residents have two options to dispose of trash, recycling, and yard waste:

  1. Contact the City’s franchise waste hauler, Waste Management of the Inland Empire (1-866-909-4458), and request service for an address.
    • The City encourages residents to use its franchise hauler, Waste Management of the Inland Empire. Waste Management provides the most cost-effective and efficient curbside collection service for trash, recycling, and yard waste. Waste Management will provide each residential customer with a trash, recycling, and yard waste container and provide weekly pickup at the customer’s curbside. The recycling program is a commingled service which means that all recyclable materials may be placed in one recycling container. For one monthly price, residential trash, recycling and yard waste will be disposed of hassle-free. Service may be started by contacting Waste Management at 1-866-909-4458. 
  2. Apply for a self-haul permit to transport residential trash, recycling, and yard waste to a landfill or certified recycling/yard waste center. 
    • To be eligible for a self-haul permit, the owner or occupant of the property must establish that the trash, recycling and yard waste from the property/address is being disposed of legally and on a regular basis. Self-haulers also must take caution to ensure that the trash is secure during transport and does not spill or blow away.
    • To apply for a self-haul permit, fill out the City application and return it to City Hall along with the annual fee to the following address:

              City of Murrieta
              Solid Waste Coordinator
              1 Town Square
              Murrieta, CA 92562

             Self-Haul Program Permit Application

  • Waste Management of the Inland Empire will be notified of any permits issued. The owner or occupant of a residential property will be excused from paying the direct billing for trash collection, recycling, and yard waste. Such properties will also be ineligible for the twice-per-year bulky item pickups that are funded through trash collection fees and the weekly opportunity to recycle used oil curbside.
  • To successfully secure a self-haul permit, one must provide the city with copies of the landfill, recycling, and yard waste receipts three times per year proving trash has been disposed of once a month. Receipt for landscaping/gardening service will suffice for yard waste removal. If the self-hauler is using its own commercial-sized bin, proof of continuing service must be provided (copies of invoices for service, etc.).
  • All proofs of service receipts must be provided no later than March 15, July 15, and November 15 annually.  
  • Permits are valid for one calendar year and must be renewed through application submittal. Permits may be issued anytime during the calendar year, but the annual fee will not be prorated.

Questions about the program may be directed to 951-461-6010.