Resolution 22-4593 - Calling the Election

Resolution 22-4594 - Consolidating the General Municipal Election with the County of Riverside

Resolution 22-4595 - Candidate Statement Regulations 


Notice of Election - July 5, 2022
Notificación de Elección - 5 de julio de 2022


June 21, 2022, City Council Meeting - Agenda Report - Calling the November 2022 Election, Requesting Consolidation, and Regulations Pertaining to Candidate Statements

June 21, 2022, City Council Meeting - PowerPoint


As a result of the Redistricting process, the City identified seven (7) areas of interest where there was a shift in their City Council district representation. The shift in the areas of interest not only impacted their City Council representation, but it may also have impacted their election year. The City Clerks Department mailed out postcards to the areas of interest identifying their shift in representation.