Final CEQA Documents

This page is for posting of finalized CEQA documents following adoption and/or recordation consistent with AB 819

Sandstone Valley Apartments

Kensington Apartments

Vineyard II Retail Development

Kalmia Equestrian Estates

Whitewood 29 LLC

TPM 38185, DP 2021-2356, TTM 38199, DP 2021-2355

Driveline Auto Storage

Adams Avenue Storage

Antro Latin Sports Lounge

Beyond Food Mart

DP 2020-2171, CUP 2020-2179, MCUP 2021-2424

Adams Ave Affordable Housing Project

DP 2021-2311, TPM 2021-2326, DDA 2022-2491

Daycare Carwash Facility

DP 2020-2249, CUP 2020-2179, CUP 2020-2248

Murrieta Hot Springs Resort