30-Year Snapshot: DSD

Building and Safety

Murrieta’s Building & Safety Division/B&S helps to shape the safety of the built world around us- Ensuring safety standards and being behind the security and stability of every building where you live, work and play. B&S is an important part of every community. Working together with various other City Departments, they form the foundation to building safe, sustainable, and resilient buildings and contribute to the economic wellbeing and development of a community. Therefore, even though you may never see a B&S/code official in action, you can trust they are all committed to your safety.

Operations include:

  • Collaboration with various City Departments on new projects/land development
  • Review project plans to ensure building code construction standards are met
  • Conduct building inspections to ensure compliance with code & approved plans
  • Collaboration and coordination with regional, State, and Federal agencies

In June of 1991, B&S had 16 projects in plan review, and in July/the following month, B&S issued a total of 82 building permits. The first Building permit ever issued in the newly incorporated City of Murrieta was on July 2, 1991, for a patio cover located on Creek View Place. For comparison, most recently, in July of 2020, B&S issued 220 building permits.

Original B&S staff was all Contract Consultants until March of 1993. The B&S Permit Technician acted not only as a Permit Tech but also as the Receptionist & Cashier, all the while working on a folding table, issuing handwritten invoices/applications and documents, and storing them in cardboard boxes. Building & Safety staff numbers have changed over the years; currently, we have 2 Plans Examiners, 4 Permit Technicians, 1 Building Official, and 3 Building Inspectors- While continuing to utilize Consultants and Temporary Office Staff to assist as needed to assist with large workloads, as the City continues to develop and grow.

Until 1993, permits were all handwritten, as a Land Use Permitting System was not in use. In 2003, B&S implemented its first Land Use Permitting System. Since then, the City has had three Land Use Permitting Systems and is currently working on the fourth.

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