Murrieta Stories

From Let Me Tell You a Story by John E. Hunneman
Assorted tales from 25 years of covering the Valley

As Murrieta approaches its 30th birthday, I can still remember the days before traffic lights, stores, traffic, and so many people. Still, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. 

It has been a great place to raise our children – both of our sons are Murrieta Valley High grads – Go Nighthawks. 

It has been my honor to serve the city in several capacities – from Santa Claus and Little League coach to the emcee of the Veterans Day Parade and appointments to Parks and Recreation and Measure T Oversight Commissions. 

So here are about two dozen Murrieta stories I have written over the years. There are probably more to be found. I’ll keep looking. Please use and share these as you like. Hopefully, they will add to the fabric of the Murrieta story as we celebrate 30 years of cityhood and look forward to what the future has in store.