30-Year Snapshot: CMO

Murrieta 30th Anniversary Snapshop: City Manager’s Office

Incorporated on July 1, 1991, the first City Council of Jerry Allen, Joe Perry, Gary Smith, Fred Weishaupl, and Dave Haas selected Jack Smith to be its first City Manager.

The City Manager, appointed by the majority of City Council, is the day-to-day administrative head who monitors critical City functions. The City Manager serves as the chief executive of City government and is responsible for the efficient administration of staff and carrying out City policy as determined by the Council.

Historically, the City Manager’s Office in Murrieta has conducted legislative affairs, managed Community Development Block Grants, animal care services, and waste organics programs while also providing oversight of all other City departments.

Under the leadership of current and past city managers, Murrieta has become one of the fastest-growing populations in Southern California and one of the country's safest cities. From 1980 to the City’s incorporation in 1991, the population grew from an estimated 2,200 to more than 24,000. The number of people living in Murrieta today is more than 118,000.

In 2016, on the City’s 25th anniversary, the community unearthed a time capsule buried when the City was incorporated in 1991. Letters from the time capsule featured the writings of 8th graders, who were looking forward to moving out of portable trailers and into their very own dedicated school facilities. Today, Murrieta is home to three award-winning high schools serving approximately 8,500 students.

Murrieta has sustained incredible growth over the past three decades.  And with that growth has emerged a vibrant and connected mid-sized community that continues to draw newcomers while holding a deep appreciation for its roots.

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CMO & Council Fun Facts

Former Mayor and Council Member Gene Wunderlich doubled as one of Murrieta's favorite Santas each Christmas.