Census 2020

Why is Census Participation So Important?

Census numbers help to determine our government representation. The Census also provides essential funding that’s based on those numbers. It is estimated our region lost 1 billion dollars lost in public and private investment over the last 10 years due to the 2010 under-count. This meant less funding for public health, schools, small businesses, non-profits, transportation, and infrastructure. The under-counting also deprived our region of critical private investment opportunities as lenders, realtors, and businesses used less reliable data to make decisions about Inland Southern California.

SW Riverside County Census Participate Rates

Menifee  70.7%

Temecula  69.6%

Murrieta  67.4%

Wildomar  65.4%

Lake Elsinore  63.3%

Regional, State and National Rates

Riverside County  63.3%

California  63.3%

United States  62.1%

updated Monday, July 20, 2020