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Youth Accountability Team

Mission Statement

To provide a collaborative and integrated multi-agency approach to rapid and effective intervention with at risk youth and less serious juvenile offenders through swift and certain response by providing necessary services to youth and their families.


  • Reduce delinquent incidents on campus.
  • Reduce delinquent activity in the community.
  • Reduce the number of juvenile petitions filed.
  • Reduce the number of juveniles placed into custody.
  • Reduce truancy.

Program Description

The Youth Accountability Team (YAT) is a collaborative intervention program that consists of a Murrieta Police Detective, a Deputy District Attorney, Deputy Probation Officer and a Youth Outreach Counselor. The team reviews felony, misdemeanor and infractions involving juveniles and collaboratively evaluates each individual case. YAT then implements the most appropriate disposition for the delinquent behavior. The team also accepts referrals for at-risk youth who have not been arrested or charged with a crime.

YAT participants must be between the ages of 12 to 17 and exhibit one or more of the following forms of delinquency: substance abuse, school discipline problems, family conflict, gang association or habitual truancy and curfew violations. An assessment of individual needs is made by the team, followed by appropriate referrals for services.

YAT participants, with the approval of their parents, can be placed on a contract for up to six months and must adhere to behavioral standards to maintain program eligibility. The team members make routine visits with the YAT participants at their school, home, and in the community.

Corporal Matthew Mozingo
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