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Neighborhood Watch

Interested in Starting a Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood Watch encourages residents of neighborhoods and communities within Murrieta to communicate with their neighbors and the police for the general welfare and safety of their neighbors in an effort to reduce crime. Call the Special Enforcement Team to start a Neighborhood Watch program in your neighborhood.

Check out the information and forms listed below to help you get started.

For more information call the Neighborhood Watch coordinator.

Ed Stuckenschneider
(951) 304-2677

Sergeant Scott Montez
(951) 461-6370

Congratulation to our newest Neighborhood Watch community at the area of Chittam Wood Place and Murrieta Oaks Avenue!


Operation Identification

Operation Identification is a project designed to discourage the theft of valuables from your home or business. This is achieved by you, the home/business owner, placing an identifying mark on items of value that could be stolen.  Go to the Operation Identification page for more details.

Neighborhood Watch

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