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About the Murrieta Fire Department

The Fire Department is the primary provider of fire suppression, pre-hospital emergency medical care, disaster preparedness coordination, hazard mitigation and fire prevention services.


  • Respond to all types of fires, which can include structures, vehicles, trash and wildlands.
  • Provide pre-hospital advanced life support (paramedic) for all injury and illness calls.
  • Conduct fire prevention programs to schools, businesses and residents of the city.
  • Review all development plans for adherence to applicable fire prevention laws, codes and policies.
  • Provide on-site inspections for adherence to approved building plans relative to the Uniform Fire Code, National Fire Protection Association standards and Fire Department policies.
  • Maintain records of all emergency fire, medical and hazard mitigation responses.
  • Investigate all fires for cause.
  • Investigate complaints regarding weed abatement and manage the mandatory weed abatement program.
  • Mitigate potential hazardous situations before they become an emergency situation. Examples include standby for natural gas leaks, gasoline spills, electrical lines down, helicopter landings at Rancho Springs or children locked in a vehicle.
  • Maintain all emergency response vehicles in proper operating condition.
  • Provide disaster preparedness services to the City.
  • Conduct hydrant flow tests and hydrant inspections.
  • Conduct training classes for employees to insure compliance with Cal-OSHA requirements, ISO requirements, medical certification and recertification requirements, necessary skills refresher requirements.
  • Provide opportunities for employee development, such as voluntary physical assessment and offsite state certification classes.
  • Maintain a reserve firefighter program consisting of community volunteers.
  • Maintain fire stations and equipment in working condition and repair.
  • Sponsor a fire explorer program.
  • Inspect local businesses for fire and life safety protection.