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EMS Subscription Program

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About the EMS Subscription Program

The City of Murrieta Fire Department (MFD) has implemented a program modeled after other California cities that helps offset the costs of providing emergency medical service while maintaining the level of service Murrieta residents are accustomed to. Subscriptionhelps firefighters and paramedics respond as quickly as possible and save lives using state-of-the-art medical equipment.


The MFD EMS Subscription Program is an annual voluntary fee designed to lessen the out-of-pocket costs for Murrieta residents should they have a medical emergency.


Residents and businesses who choose not to subscribe will be charged $350 per response, per person, for each call for medical aid performed by MFD. The subscription program does not pay costs related to for transportation in an ambulance or other care given by an ambulance company.


The annual EMS Subscription Program cost is $48 and covers the subscriber each calendar year from January through December. Subscribers over 65 years and those covered under Medicare are charged a reduced fee of $24 per calendar year.


The Murrieta Fire Department has partnered with Fire Recovery USAto manage subscription accounts for the EMS Subscription Program. Therefore, your subscription notices, EMS response call invoices, insurance medical billing, and other information regarding the Fire Department's EMS Subscription Program will include Fire Recovery's name, address, and contact information.  


For a residential subscription, the program covers response and medical care provided by Murrieta Fire Department for all who permanently reside in the home. This extends to a subscriber that needs medical emergency service while away from the home, but still within Murrieta.


For businesses, the Program covers response and medical care for all employees. The cost of this annual subscription depends on the size of the business measured by the number of employees as followed:

  • Businesses with 1 to 10 employees: $75
  • Businesses with 11 to 25 employees: $125
  • Businesses with 26 to 75 employees: $200
  • Businesses with 76+ employees: $300
  • All outpatient medical care facilities: $300

The program is strictly voluntary. Residents and business owners who do not subscribe will continue to receive the same high quality EMS care from the MFD that subscribers receive. Under no circumstances will emergency medical treatment be denied to anyone, regardless of their ability to pay, enrollment in the voluntary Subscription Program, or legal status.


Residents meeting low-income guidelines may receive a 50% reduction in the annual subscription, or $24 per year. All subscribers in Medicare and Medicaid (to include Medi-Cal) may also receive a 50% reduction in the annual subscription. There are no reductions for the cost for the $350 EMS Response Fee for non-subscribers.


If Murrieta Fire Department arrives on scene and determines that no emergency medical care is necessary, the $350 response fee is waived. The response fee is only billed when emergency medical service is given. Calls determined to be “Public Assist” in nature will continue to be responded to. These calls tend to be for the elderly and handicapped that need immediate help, but may not be medical in nature. The Murrieta Fire Department takes great pride in helping these residents and businesses, and will continue to provide this service at no cost.


Payment is not due at the time care is rendered. Murrieta Fire Department personnel will not question whether a patient can afford services. If a medical emergency happens at a business, the individual receiving medical care is responsible for payment. However, a business that subscribes to the program will have all employees covered.

Each January, Murrieta residents and business owners that have not enrolled will receive an enrollment form by mail. You will have several payment options available, check, credit card, or by e-check (ACHD).  Subscription becomes effective upon receipt of the application and confirmation of payment. Renewal reminder postcards will be mailed to subscribers each January. 


If you have questions or concerns, please review our Frequently Asked Questions links at the top of this page. For specific questions, e-mail the help desk, or contact Diana Lozano with the MFD at (951) 461-6164.


Thank you for your cooperation in making the MFD EMS Subscription Program a success.