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Park Shelter Reservations

The Murrieta Community Services Department reserves Park Shelters at City of Murrieta Parks.

Reservations and Park Hours

Shelter reservations may only take place between the hours of sunrise to sunset.  Because shelter rentals may be made up to 6 months in advance it is possible to select shelter hours that may occur after sunset on the date you have selected for your rental.  Due to the large volume of rentals, the City cannot monitor that each rental corresponds with sunrise and sunset.  Please be sure to make your rental during daylight hours as you must leave the park by sunset regardless of the shelter reservation hours you have selected.  Save time and reserve your park online.

Park Shelter Pricing

First 5 Hours Each Additional Hour
Resident $25 $5
Non-Resident $50 $5

*The large group shelter at Los Alamos Hills Sports Park is $40 for residents, $80 for non-residents.  Reservation must be made a minimum of five business days in advance. View all City parks here.

Inflatable Jumpers

The City of Murrieta does permit inflatable jumpers at our parks by permit only. There is a $5 permit fee due five business days prior to any reservation requesting an inflatable jumper at a facility. Please note, we require proof of insurance and a current business license from any vendor providing an inflatable jump on City property. For liability purposes, personal jumpers bought at retail stores are not permitted at any City park.

For a list of inflatable jump companies that have complied with all requirements, call 951-304-PARK (7275). The City of Murrieta does not guarantee or endorse any of the these companies, but provides this list as a convenience.

Other Vendors

Individuals who make a park shelter reservation may also choose to hire a vendor(s) in conjunction with their park shelter rental.  Other vendors which may operate at a park shelter rental include, but are not limited to catering, game trucks, and face painting. Each vendor must have proof of insurance and a Murrieta business license which the renter is responsible for providing to the City no later than 5 business days in advance of their rental. If you plan on having vendors at your park shelter rental please contact us at 951-304-PARK (7275) to ensure the activity is permissible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the insurance requirements for inflatable jumpers and other vendors?

The City of Murrieta requires a copy of each vendor’s $1,000,000 per occurrence Commercial General Liability insurance certificate and endorsement page with the City listed as additionally insured.  Please be sure the following address is used for the additionally insured:

City of Murrieta

1 Town Square

Murrieta, CA 92562

Where can I check to see if my vendor has a business license?

The City of Murrieta’s Business License Counter provides a lookup tool for businesses with a Murrieta business license.  Please click here to be redirected to the business license look up tool.

Is electricity available at park shelters?

No.  Electricity is not available at any City park shelters.  This means if you are having an inflatable jumper, the jump company must provide a generator. 

Can I have a water jumper?

No.  Water jumpers can cause damage to the turf and are therefore not permitted at any City parks.

Can I use a canopy at the park?

Yes. You may use a canopy in conjunction with your park shelter rental.  Please make sure you do not use stakes any longer than 6 inches so the park's irrigation systems is not damaged.

Are there barbecues available at the park shelters?

Yes, many of our park shelters have barbecues located close by.  Check the park amenities and shelter pictures on our rental page to be sure the shelter you would like has barbecues.  Additionally, you may bring your own grill as long as it sits 2-3 feet off the ground to avoid potential fire hazards.  Please be prepared to remove all hot coals from the park.  There are no facilities for hot coal disposal at any City parks.


Save time and reserve your park online.

For more information about facility availability, please call (951) 304-PARK (7275).