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Murrieta Brewery's Electrified Success

Murrieta brewery’s electrified success!

Electric Brewing Company wasn’t always electric. Justen Foust started brewing in his garage nearly ten years ago using buckets and an 8 gallon kettle. Today, he runs Electric Brewing Company located off Cherry Street with his wife and his father Dana. The brewery features over 80 different beers, all hand-crafted with catchy names like Cognitive Dissonance, Based on a True Story, Names is Hard, and Grove for Broke. In addition, the brewery has food trucks and bands come in from time to time. Sales at Electric Brewing have increased 1,400 percent in the past year and Foust wants to open another business in his hometown of Murrieta, possibly a pizzeria that also serves Electric brews.

Before the brewery’s opening, Foust dreamed of opening his own brewery. He took classes at Riverside Community College and San Jacinto College and held monthly Murrieta Brew Lab meetings. Three years ago, Foust’s dreams came true when he opened his own brewery in an old automotive shop. The only problem there was no gas hook-up, only electricity.

 What started as a road bump along the way to success became a signature element of the Electric Brewery’s culture. Foust worked with Southern California Edison to find the most energy efficient solution to make his beer using electricity. He has a unique tactic from June to October when he brews during off peak hours twice a week. Foust now gets calls from other breweries asking for tips on how to make electricity work in brewing.