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Lap Swimming

Looking for a low impact whole body workout? Come try lap swimming. Lap swimming is a great way to awaken your mind and body. It offers a way for you to work multiple parts of the body in one simple low impact exercise.
We are challenging all of our Lap Swimmers to Swim to San Diego. Think you have what it takes to swim the 66 miles from Murrieta to San Diego? Join the Swim to San Diego club at the California Oaks Sports Park for free and begin logging your miles.   Swimmers that “Swim to San Diego” will be given a gift at the completion of their challenge.  

Please note that lap swimming is offered to participants 16 years and older or to children who are members of a swim team (must show current registration). 

Times and days vary; check the schedule above for current information on Lap Swimming times and prices.

Water Exercise/ Senior Swim

Want to lose weight without breaking a sweat?  Hop in the pool!  This fun water workout burns mega calories and tones every troubled spot.  The class is lead by one of our certified water exercise instructors every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday morning from 8:15-9:15 a.m.  Using the resistance of water, the benefits include cardiovascular endurance, muscle toning , and flexibility.  Water Exercise is refreshing and rewarding for all fitness levels and you don’t need to know how to swim. Come see what all the talk is about and get fit this summer. 

Are you looking for a time to enjoy the water without the hassle of kids jumping in and out splashing you?  Then come to the California Oaks Sports Park pool on Thursdays from 8:15-9:15 a.m. and enjoy what we call Senior Swim.  The pool is open for exclusive adult use. Come swim laps, work on your water exercise techniques, or just bob around in the crisp, clean water. The California Oaks Sports Park Pool is wheelchair accessible and has a lift for anyone who needs assistance getting in and out of the water. Senior Swim is a perfect time for the active senior to come and exercise at your own pace or just enjoy a peaceful morning lounging in the pool with friends. 

Times and days vary depending on the season.  For more information, please download the schedule above or visit the California Oaks Sports Park Pool and talk to one of our friendly aquatics staff.


Swim Lessons

Click Swim Lesson Schedule for the swim lesson page.

Junior Lifeguarding

The Junior Lifeguard Program will follow the American Red Cross's Guard Start Program: Lifeguarding Tomorrow.

Interested applicants must 12-15 years old and be able to front crawl for 25 continuous yards while breathing to front or side, tread water for one minute, and submerge and swim a distance of 10 feet under water.

Please do not register unless you can complete these tasks. Registrants will receive training from a Red Cross-certified Lifeguard, preparing them to be lifeguards in the future. This class will give participants the skills and knowledge to prepare them for the lifeguarding course. The participants will also receive a Jr. Lifeguarding shirt, whistle, and all applicable materials.

A copy of the Junior Lifeguard flyer can be found here.

Cost: Residents $55   Non-Residents $65

Class Times:     Tuesdays - 1-4 p.m.
                            Wednesdays - 7 a.m.-12 noon
                            Thursdays - 1-4 p.m.

2018 Dates

 Session 1- June 26 - July 5

Session 2- July 10-July 19

Session 3- July 24- August 2