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Parks & Recreation (CSD)

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Lea Kolek

Parks & Recreation Manager

(951) 304-PARK (7275)
1 Town Square
Murrieta, CA 92562

Mission Statement

The mission of the Murrieta Parks and Recreation Department is to provide safe, clean, beautiful, and accessible facilities, parks and open spaces, as well as offer a variety of leisure activities for all people in the areas of recreation, education, and culture.  Services shall be provided to enrich the quality of life for the local community and to provide economic value through parks and facilities, which creates tourism and encourages long-term community stability and growth.

Vision Statement

We create community through people, parks, and programs.

Welcome to Parks & Recreation

A community, as a whole, benefits from recreation programs and aesthetically pleasing parks in a variety of ways:  citizens exercise for better health, compete and challenge one another to improve their skills; they relax by enjoying a change of pace or scenery and appreciating the beauty, peace, and solitude of nature; they visit with family, friends, and neighbors, and learn more about the environment they live in. In addition, there are several social, economic, and environmental advantages stemming from the public utilizing parks and recreation programs such as:

  • It influences personal health;
  • It creates jobs and invigorates local economies by making a community desirable;
  • It contributes to family cohesion;
  • It helps to prevent crime with after-school activities for teens;
  • It enriches America’s culture as shown by hundreds of books, plays, poetry, and art featuring nature and outdoor activities; and
  • It stimulates the public's interest in the quality of the environment.

In the end, the City's overarching goal is to create a well-rounded, accessible community for all with diverse leisure activities and programming while maintaining a high quality of life for our residents. 

  Pond Park located off of Murrieta Hot Springs Road just east of Whitewood Road