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Subject :Vicious Dog Euthanized by Police
Contact :Lt. Rob Firmes    951-461-6315

At approximately 7:53 a.m., Murrieta Police received a call of a loose vicious dog that had attacked another dog being walked by its owner in the 24400 block of Skyview Ridge in Murrieta.

A woman was walking her Welsh Corgi on a leash when the vicious dog - an approximate 150 lb Akita - attacked the Corgi. The woman began striking the Akita with her umbrella as she attempted to save her own dog. Good Samaritans came to her aid and were able to quell the attack and the Akita fled. Unfortunately, the Corgi later died from injuries sustained in the attack.

Officers responded to the area, located the vicious dog and notified animal control. Officers then maintained visual contact with the animal while escorting local school children to Shivela Middle School to ensure their safety from the dog.

While waiting for animal control to arrive, officers observed the loose dog attack a second dog - a Pug - which was being controlled on a leash by its owner on their front porch near the intersection of Alicia Way and Alondra Drive. As the second dog's owner struggled to free his dog from the mouth of the Akita, officers used a Taser on the attacking dog, which momentarily stunned the dog long enough for the victim dog to break free and the owner and his dog to retreat back into their home. Once the attacking dog recovered from the effects of the Taser, it ran directly toward a second officer. Fearing for his own safety, the officer drew his firearm and shot the approaching Akita, which died at the scene.

Animal control personnel later received another call of a second loose Akita nearby. They later determined that both Akitas belonged to the same Murrieta owner.

No residents or officers were injured during the incident.