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Mayor Pro Tem Alan Long

Term Expires: December 2018 
Office Hours: Call for an Appointment 
(951) 461-6018
(951) 698-9885 Fax


Personal Goal Statement

Alan’s top three priorities are SAFETY, QUALITY OF LIFE, and CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Alan believes every community deserves to be safe. Alan has worked over three decades to ensure Murrieta provides the highest level of public safety. Today Murrieta ranks among the safest cities in the nation. Alan doesn’t want to stop here. With three hospitals within minutes of every resident, Alan believes Murrieta has the foundation to build a healthcare system that can be a model for the rest of the nation.

JOBS, OPEN SPACE, and DEVELOPMENT add to the QUALITY of LIFE in Murrieta. Individually, each of these add one aspect of a healthy community. Together, they create synergy that complement each other and foster a community of balanced and sustainable growth. QUALITY of LIFE improvements such as: Connecting our Trails, Restoring vibrant Historic Downtown, Shopping and Recreational Activities for all ages are all within reason.  Murrieta is maturing.  Alan believes a balanced approach to sustaining what we have while providing for the needs of the future must be considered in every decision he makes.

CUSTOMER SERVICE at City Hall must be second to none. Alan believes our residents and businesses deserve the support of City Hall and should always be greeted with a “Can do” attitude.

Personal Bio

Alan Long was elected in November 2010 with the highest number of votes. Married to his Jr. High sweetheart, Alan and his wife have been part of Murrieta since the early 1970’s. They believe the true strength of any community is the families that live within it.  Alan has stated, “A city can have great managers and great city council members, but without great families their efforts will be in vain.”  Murrieta has great families! Alan and his wife believe that strong family values directly and indirectly contribute to a healthy community. Giving back to the community has always been important to Alan and his wife. When they married, they both started giving back to the community that gave so much to them.  They Volunteer as Sunday School Teachers, Youth Group Leaders, Coaches and Crisis Counselors for at-risk youth.

Today, Alan is a Battalion Chief for a fire department in southern California. He and his wife, a former school teacher, are raising a fourth generation of Longs in Murrieta. They are raising their children to understand that success is measured in many different ways.  The Longs measure success by how much you give back!  The Long family ranges from third grade to great grandparents.  Murrieta is their home, always has been and always will be!

Partial List of Committee Assignments (Past / Present)

  • Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) (Alternate)
  • Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) (Alternate)
  • 9/11 Memorial Subcommittee
  • Commission Appointments Subcommittee
  • Special Events Subcommittee
  • Land-Use Subcommittee
  • Legislative Workgroup Subcommittee
  • Philanthropic Subcommittee
  • Public Safety Subcommittee
  • Youth, Family & Health Regional Task Force Subcommittee
  • Riverside Conservation Authority (RCA) (Delegate)
  • Riverside County Habitat Conservation Agency (Alternate)
  • Southwest California EDC (Alternate)
  • Animal Control Joint Powers Authority (Alternate)
  • Emergency Medical Services Subcommittee
  • Environmental Subcommittee
  • Trails Subcommittee
  • Infrastructure Subcommittee