Reserve Officer Program

The Murrieta Police Department has an active Reserve Officer Program. The Department recruits and appoints only those applicants who meet the high ethical, moral, and professional standards set forth by this department. All reserve officers are required to meet and pass the same pre-employment procedures as regular officers before an appointment.


The Murrieta Police Department only considers candidates that have completed the State of California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) approved Basic or Extended Academy and hold a current Reserve Level 1 Post Certificate.


Reserve officers are responsible for purchasing their authorized uniforms and all designated safety equipment except their body armor which is provided at no cost to the reserve officer by the department. At the completion of one full year of service, reserve officers will be reimbursed for the costs of two sets of uniforms, excluding safety equipment, provided they retain original receipts for their initial purchase.


Reserve officers assist regular officers in the enforcement of laws and in maintaining peace and order within the community. Assignments of reserve officers will usually be to augment the Operations Patrol Division. Reserve officers may be assigned to other areas within the Department as needed. Reserve officers are required to work a minimum of 24 hours per month.


Upon appointment, reserve officers will be assigned to a primary training officer. There are three phases of training. When a reserve officer has satisfactorily completed all three phases of formal training, they will have had a minimum of 284 hours of on-duty training and no longer be required to ride with a reserve training officer. The reserve officer may now be assigned to ride with any officer for the remaining 200-hour requirement for a total of 484 hours of training before being considered for relief of immediate supervision. After this 200 hour period reserve officers may be assigned to solo patrol operations based on their abilities.

Advancement Opportunities

Reserve officers are considered at-will employees. The Murrieta Police Department does consider reserve officers currently working with the Department when looking to hire new full time paid regular officers. Full time paid regular officers is a very competitive position. When officers are needed, all applicants, both from the reserve officer cadre and lateral officers from outside the department, are considered for these positions.

Firearm Use & Proficiency

Reserve officers carry a loaded firearm while on-duty. It is the policy of this Department to allow reserves to carry firearms only while on-duty or to and from duty. Concealed carry weapons are not issued for off duty carry to reserve officers. All reserve officers are required to maintain proficiency with firearms used in the course of their assignments. All sworn in the Department qualifies with firearms quarterly.


If you meet the basic qualifications and are interested in becoming a reserve officer for the Murrieta Police Department, we invite you to contact the reserve coordinator for further instructions.

Interviews for reserve officers are held approximately four times a year. If you are selected for an interview, you will be notified at least 30 days in advance of your interview place and time. If you are not qualified, your application will be returned to you.